Dragon textures

Hello there
I noticed that since the last update the all of dragon textures are blurry and unrealistic. I know that I am not alone and there were a few players who noticed that too so my question is: Will it be fixed and if yes, when? Because I loved these textures before update. They were so realistic and pretty so I am sad a little bit. There is the example. My Knock Rocket looks so blurry and awful. Look
Before update

After update

I hope that will be fixed ASAP. And my Knock Rocket isn’t the only one dragon. This bug hits everyone dragon in my roster.
I really appreciate that the game is always full of new content.

We will see the old dragon textures in the next update. I think it would be after month, maybe months idk. I stopped playing the game last week bec its trash. Before the update this game was one of my favourites, but now… it isnt and i will play it again when they fix everything. :unamused:

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This was 4 days ago so their still looking into it appearantly.


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Wait, so this problem is going to be fixed in the next update, which would most likely take place next month!? That’s not cool.

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I completely agree with you.

This problem is happening with all of my Dragons, and it actually bothers me quite a bit. So hopefully Ludia can fix this problem soon!! :triumph:

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