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Dragon types in brawls

This week we got 2 duties from Gobbler to defeat 25 swift and 25 defender dragons respectively. The defenders are a cake walk as nearly every brawl team has a meatlug but the 25 swift dragons are a pure pain grind as maybe 1 in 7 teams has one of those.
Please consider an adjustment to the brawl arena so that each of the 4 classes gets represented equally and it is not just Meatlug + 2 random purple dragons over and over and over and over again.
Also it would be damn nice if the levels of the player dragons get redistributed and event out as over 80% can’t be used due to being to low in power and will never catch up due to rarenes of their tokens. I would Love to be able to use more of my roster but most of them lack 4 or more levels behind all because they started so much lower.


I am having the same difficulty completing the defeat 25 swift dragons duty. They really should do some adjustments.
About the other problem, I have stopped leveling up my highest level dragons. Some of my friends are regretting they have levelled up their dragons. You see, enemy level is related to your dragon level, so stop leveling up the highest level ones and the other dragons can eventually catch up.

Same here, on both accounts. I won’t touch a level 15+ dragon until every single dragon is level 15… and even then, I’m not sure there’s a point.


That said, I don’t know why you aren’t getting swift dragons. Maybe your opponents are based somehow on what dragons you have? I seem to get a reasonably balanced mix, and I definitely do not get mainly one defender, two cunning.

Well I don’t see any relationship. I have stormfly but enemy teams never have it in them. And the dragons I don’t have are commonly seen in enemy teams.

The game definitely does not mirror your own team. What it may or may not do is e.g. have a higher chance of swift dragons (and lower chance of defenders) if your team is all ferocious, or maybe vice versa. I usually fight with three different classes, and often get opponents of three different classes as well, as well as I seem to get a fairly reasonable mix of all classes being represented as opponents.

Do you normally use a cunning dragon? If not, you might try throwing a cunning dragon into your lineup and see if that helps more defender dragons show up as opponents…

My team is edge nadder, defender thunderdrum and champion triplestryke. When I have completed defeat 25 furious/cunning dragons duties, I only get 12 swift dragons. I don’t see why this composition would get me so few swift dragons.

But your theory worth considering. I’ll try the next time I get such duties.

That’s… a defender, a cunning, and a swift. If the game is biased against you, that might do it. Try sticking a furious or two in your roster?

I would like to point out that defender thunderdrum is actually a furious dragon.

Eh? Oh, right, protector vs. defender. That’s not confusing at all :stuck_out_tongue:. In that case, no idea.