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Dragon Watch Clan 8 / 9 ⭐ 🐉 (currently 25/25)


Dragon Watch Clan :eight:/:nine: :star: :dragon:



  • BP6000+
  • Active player
  • 80k minimum damage per Alpha
  • Join our Discord server

If you want an active drama-free clan with high-level players that love playing Titan Uprising then Dragon Watch is the clan for you.

We regularly have over 90% active clan participation. We defeat all 8-star Alphas and the occasional 9-star Shellfire. Therefore, everyone opens Level 9 chests that include a random 4-star dragon and a chance at a premium draft card.

We have an active Discord server. Where players provide help and make suggestions on the best teams for Alphas and Quests.

Below is our current Battle Power (BP) Distribution. We are constantly getting stronger so this will change in a couple of weeks.

If you are ready to be in a fun and rewarding clan then please send me a message!

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Awesome clan :+1::+1: come join us!

@rickdagreat001 I have sent you a Private Message.

Hello im 6300 player active
Looking for some guild

Hello @Pe_pek, I have sent you a Private Message.

Please send me a Private Message if you would like to join.


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Currently full. If you are interested in joining then please send me a private message and you will be placed on a waiting list. Thank you.