Dragon Watch Clan 8 ⭐ (currently full)


Dragon Watch Clan 8 :star:


  • BP5500+
  • Active player
  • 50k minimum damage per Alpha
  • Join our Discord server

If you want a stable clan with high-level players that love playing Titan Uprising then this is the clan for you.

Dragon Watch is an active clan with a friendly atmosphere. We regularly have over 90% active clan participation. We alternate between 8-star and 9-star Alphas.

We have an active Discord server. Where players provide help and make suggestions on the best teams for Alphas and Quests.

Below is our current Battle Power (BP) Distribution as of August 7, 2019.
We are constantly getting stronger so this will change in a couple of weeks.


If you are interested then please send me a message.

What are the requirements?

Hello how long ist the waiting list ?
We’re 2 german players searching for a new clan
Myself is over 5850 …my buddy is around 5650

Hello ElementZer0, I will send you a PM

Still has vacant?

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You got a Dupe for Skullcrusher! :scream: Lucky.

shameless bump

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150-200k dmg per Alpha
But don’t have Discord :frowning:

Hello Tom_Ender, I sent you a Private Message.

We are now full. Anyone interested please send me a PM and I will put you on a waiting list. Thank you.

Since joining this clan about 2 months ago or so just wanted to say this is an awesome Clan, Capt Wacky is a great leader who is very involved in his clan, always gives everyone a chance even when real life takes over sometimes, highly recommend this clan when an opportunity comes along to join.