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DragonHonor recruiting! \^×^/


“Fight with all power, be active and friendly while chatting, that’s all! You think you can manage? Then join and have fun!”

You NEED to be active. If somethig will come up and you won’t be able to be active then please tell that me. If you’ll be caught inactive for longer period of time without tellig the reason you might be removed from the clan.

Be FRIENDLY. Be respectful and friendly in chat. I’d really love to create a friendly atmosphere. So rude behavior will not be accepted (will end with removing from the clan if will continue with being rude)

Dragon power
It doesn’t matter if your power is 4000 or 1000 or anything. Just keep doing your best and in no time you’ll be much stronger. So that means DragonHonor accepts both older and new players!

I don’t know what else there is to say.
Hopefully you didn’t get too bored reading this!

Join by finding DragonHonor in the game or by commenting with your ingamr i
nickname and number id so you’ll be added!

Let’s do our best!!