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Dragon's abilities not working?


I have a dragon that has the ability so that “foes cannot heal for 5 turns”. I activate the ability, and the dragon receives the “no healing” icon. However, the dragon is still able to heal, and receive healing from other dragons. Why does the dragon still be allowed to heal and receive healing?

Anyone else notice this? I’ve been leveling up this dragon as I want one that can prevent healing, but if it’s not working…kind of a waste of limited, very limited resources.

Can support verify this is a known issue or if I am somehow not interpreting the ability correctly?


I think the “healing” you are referring to is the Bonus HP type of “heal”, in which case is not a heal/hp recovery feature of the game. But if it surely is this type of heal, its a bug then.


Hey @mighty,

I recommend you posting screenshots in “Help & Support” when you encounter this again. It really helps if we can visualize which Dragons were present and which abilities were used to verify if it’s really a bug.


Yeah the bug about ability not working I had sent it days ago and it wasn’t fix after the update


It was the Bog-Blight dragon with the ability, Terror Strike. I am not sure how a screen shot would help here. The icon of no healing shows on then enemy after Terror Strike is cast, yet the enemy still heals and receives healing. I guess I could tell you the other members of my lowly team if it might help?

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If the healing received is “blue” it is considered extra health instead of healing. In this case it’s possible that it bypasses the “cannot be healed” effect. I think this is quite awkward. Again, the game needs a lot more testing, and much better transparency with in-game information and mechanisms.

On the other hand this could simply be a bug, or maybe the setup is when your power move level is lower than your opponents’, the effect is overpowered by the higher level move. We really don’t know.



@Jing, thanks for that about the “blue”…I don’t know how I would’ve ever figured that out. Why in the world would the game call it something other than “healing” when a dragon…heals health…the design is so odd in this game. How frustrating. Who knows, maybe this is what I was seeing. But in my common sense mind, if a dragon receives “more health” it is a “healing” effect, which I was assuming my dragon’s ability would prevent.

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