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Dragons level up error

In a normal scenario of dragons up level, when it reaches it’s max, the level of the dragons would show 10/10 (above the text Spirit Speed: xxx), as well as the level bar show a “MAX” indication (as screenshot below). Screenshot_20191025-193218_Titan%20Uprising|243x500

But some of my dragons have their level bar “MAX” indication shown yet, the level stated other wise (eg. Level 7/10 or 9/10), screenshots as below

I tried to feed them with more dragons, but I couldn’t level up anymore. Any suggestions what can I do to maximize their levels?

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At that point (3*50) its best to just use 4 copies of the dragon so you get a 100% chance to lvl up the ability.

@Zhyan meaning, :thinking: take the case of Frostgnaw (level 7/10), I will have to use four more Frostgnaw to reach level 10/10?

If you use the same dragon then you get a 25% chance of ability lvl up. So if you want frostgnaw to get lvl 10 ability you’ll need 12 copies of it (4 per lvl up). (Though in all honesty it might just be better to leave them the way they are and focus your resources on lvling other dragons and breeding 4*/5* ones)

I have never fed any of my dragons 12 copies of themselves - it might be possible with 3* dragons, but who can do that with 4*? Just keep feeding it, 10 dragons at once preferably of their colour and it will happen, it just might take a while. The higher star the dragon fodder the better, or a sheep or two.

It just gives you a chance to max the ability level. And the best way to just level up ability is use four same dragons. But when it comes to 4* or 5* dragons, you have to be really unlucky to level up a dragon to max without max its ability if you only use untrained dragons of the same color to level it up.

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yeah, you could do 10 at a time of the same color, but considering their normal lvl is already maxed out, it would just be a massive waste of resources (it would cost 54.5k fish and 10 dragons each time you try this for a 30 to 40% lvl up chance). It really wouldn’t be worth doing. Better to use those resources on other dragons and advance in fishlegs “gain 15 lvls” duty.

And like Wodensfang said, you won’t need to use 4 copies of the same dragon for 4* or 5* dragons, since most max out their ability way before they’d max out their lvl. (most of my dragons even reach ability lvl 10 before getting to 3* 50, only a few don’t like my coldreign, which was only ability lvl 5 at that point. But after going up to 4* its ability started going up more and it reached lvl 10 at 4* 28)

I understand what you’re saying, but if he really wants those dragons then he should max their ability. My flanktanker didn’t max ability until after reaching final level, I only had to feed 20 1* dragons as fodder. I wanted him so I felt it was worth it - up to him really,