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Dragons not leveling up

I have been feeding my gloomleer 4start purple, anveil 3 star blue, fanghook purple from 10 days sheep 2 star darons all of it is going to waste as they are leveled up maxed but the ability is still locked and not going up. Now it looks like i have wasted 100s of dragons and fish for noting as their ability level is not still not going up. Is it a bug or what? Its very annoying i just finished my subscription also as i feel like getting ripped off for something which looks like not poosible to achieve. Need help before i delete the game also. Many thanks

if your dragon is maxed out lvl-wise (so at 4* lvl 60 for gloomleer and 3* lvl 50 for anveil) then its best to just use dupes of them, cuz they give 25% chance for lvling up the ability (hence using 4 at a time will guarantee it going up).

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Thanks mate it did work