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Dragons: Rise of Berk “Why Last Chance for Finding Helm?”

For Whom It May Concern:
I am a newbie to the game and I’m still learning to know more about it. I’m starting to enjoy playing it almost a month now.
I am complaining about the “Dragons: Rise of Berk” bugs after update issues especially why can’t I receive any more chances to find helmet even though the event just started a few days ago and it is still on going. I tried to restart the game many times, restarted my phone many times also and waited for who knows how many hours just to see if I still get a chance. I hate to say this but it did not fix the problem and unfortunately, this is my last option ‘Contact Ludia group and see if they can help me to resolve my problem’. If this doesn’t fix either maybe I should quit playing the game. I hope there is still chance.

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FWIW, I’ve heard of this before… for some reason, the game is not able to “spawn” the helmets.

On an unrelated note, I’d really like to know why you have an icon to collect Riders runes. I don’t, and it’s really annoying. (Are you a rider, or is your icon just an ad to become one?)

That seems frustrating, @NogitsunE. If you haven’t already, please reach out and provide your support key to our support team at so they can take a closer look at this. In the meantime, if you’re using a WiFi connection, you can try forgetting the network on your device then re-adding it and see if that helps. Thank you.

love this event :)…awsome ludia

Thanks for the response but I’m still waiting for the help of the ludia group.

To answer your question, I’m not a rider. The icon is just there because I won a 1 week free trial which I keep on refusing even though it is free. It only offers me again and again. But I don’t want it. I’m sorry if you don’t have the icon because if I knew how, I would like to give it to you ‘the icon’.

Hi ronald! Yeah it really is frustrating. In fact, I don’t have ‘all the time’ to have a chance to get a helm because time is running but the collection of my puzzle pieces is not increasing. I already contact the but I’m still waiting. I will try what you refer for me to do. I hope that will help. Thanks.

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Hi ronald! What you requested for me to do didn’t fix the problem either. I also contacted the support group but they didn’t resolve even though I already sent my Support Key to them. The game really sucks for me right now because I seldom get dragon eggs in explorations and journeys and now my problem of not getting the Bork Feast Egg. I didn’t get the Rhinestorm Egg last time (before the game was updated to new season) so I was hoping I will be getting the new Dragon Egg this time but still not. Anyhow, at least I still enjoy the series Race to the Edge which I currently watching rn.

I have sent you a private message, @NogitsunE.

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I received the dragon! Thank you @Ronald and your support team! Enjoy you day! :slight_smile:


Hi Ronald!

My game keeps on crashing! What am I gonna do?

Is the game under maintenance or the game has a problem. Well…almost all players can’t connect to the game beside from me.

Thank you if you can reply to my messages. I’ll look forward to the immediate resolution for this issue.

Hi Ronald!

The app has been fixed. Thank you that we can be able to play again. Thank you support team! :blush:

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Hello, @NogitsunE. Sorry, I was away during the weekend! It’s good to know that the issue has been resolved. If you have any other concerns regarding the game connection, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ronald!
I was wondering if I could request for the developers to include Slitherwing as a gauntlet reward? I’d really appreciate it if they could. Thanks in advance!

Hi @NogitsunE, I’ll forward your suggestion but I can’t make any promises on this. Thank you!

Hi @Ronald!

I understand. I’ll not complain whether they make it happen or not. In fact, I’m grateful that I have someone in the support team to talk to about it. It is more than enough.

By the way, I have a concern about the calendar event. The prizes still includes some fireflies until day 21 although the event for it will end in 3 days. Is it just me or the event was repeated because it shows that I’ll get another Cavern Crasher from it?

I hope the support team will look onto it because I already claimed the day 1 prize. If ever that they’ll change it, please let me know. So that, I’ll not miss anything. Thank you!

Here is my support key: -moderated-
And here is the screenshot about my concern:

That’s a good point, @NogitsunE . I’ve brought this up with the team and they said that the calendar will be updated once the new season starts.

As @Ronald already noted, I believe the calendar doesn’t give “fireflies” but “seasonal currency”; after the update, you’ll see those days automatically switch over to whatever comes next. BTW, the same happens AFAIK with gauntlet prizes and duty rewards. (Tip: on the day the update is due, if you’ve already gotten whatever seasonal stuff you want, try to not collect any more of the old currency and wait until you update; this will give you a bit of a head start on the next season.)



I just noticed that the game don’t update us or give us players some reminders that tells us when will the current season really ends because the remaining time of our seasonal currency keeps on increasing. We ended up buying other dragons that we can afford with our seasonal currency without knowing that the season will extends and will give us some seasonal currencies in the following gauntlets and give us more time to decide. It is just really upsetting that we can’t made up our mind in what we will buy with our seasonal currency knowing that we will not make it to the dragons that we really want in the first place. And wasting those earned seasonal currency for the decorations that we will not truly needed in the future. I suggest that the game should inform us players also about the current status like the time remaining for the exploration and collection events for the remaining time for our seasonal currency and reminds if ever there are extensions or changes before the next season starts. They should also tell us if there is an update already. Tell me if I’m wrong but isn’t will be better that way? I’ll look forward to it if ever. Thanks for your consideration and understanding.