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Dragons that can be bought with Odin’s coins Sept.-Oct

Hello Ludia Support Group!

As a player of this game for three months, I’m always excited for the new dragons in the Odin’s Market. So, is there any chance that a player like me can know about all the dragons (The ones who can be bought directly with Odin’s coins) about this month’s offer in the Odin’s Market? I would like to know about the dragons for the next month too if there is. Wouldn’t be better if all the players can know the list of the dragons that they can buy in the Odin’s Market? So that they can save up their runes for that dragon that they really want to have! It will be a great help for us players if we can know them ahead of time. Thanks for considering it if ever. Have a nice day to all!

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It’s random. Only Ludia knows which ones come up next.

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