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Dragons Titans Glitching

Is it me or has Ludia pretty much ruined the game with the constant glitches that they seem to never be able to fix?
Example 1: It took them a year to fix the Shellfire Alpha glitch where the Alpha special attack tile moved all over the screen and couldn’t be destroyed before blowing up doing mass amounts of damage.
Example 2: How long has this glitch been going on with the game freezing on alpha loads, in battle attacks during the alpha, thawfest freezes, and other quest freezes as well as not being able to build a line up to attack any of the alphas? I know we are on week 4. Theu have known about it for 4 weeks, still can’t fix it, don’t know how to fix it, but will continue taking your money.
Example 3: Any and all glitches are met with poor responses, no responses, or horrible compensations. Maybe this game has run its course and they have shown that by the lack of responses. They have shown responses 1 time in the 4 weeks of complaining and the last response I saw was almost 2 weeks ago. Draw your own conclusions but all I see is they really don’t care!


He’s dead, Jim

No communication. Constantly more errors. I am quite sure that there is no team working on the game. They are working on other ludia games and eventually come back.

Will there be anything official or will this game simply vanish when there is no one paying for it anymore?

I would like to know what DreamWorks is thinking about that situation… I will ask them.


They just want money from Flight Club subscriptions and shop purchases. Money fills Ludia CDA’s wallets, nothing is used to pay a good development team, which is actually just a bunch of people that knows programming just like me (which means ZERO): every update is just some random code strings put together without any logic and without any beta testing, they just release it!

The result is a game that becomes more and more broken at every update.


In my opinion, the game is dead. The devs don’t care and are just milking the paid players (which at this point you would have to be crazy to spend money on this game.) I mean they could have just rolled back the last update that broke the game, but they didn’t. I’ve been playing this game for over a year now, and this isn’t the first time they have broken their own game with an “update”.