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Dragons uprising healing over turns/debuffs should stack


It doesnt make sense to not have healing abilities if not all abilities stack even if you can make a enemy dragons miss 100% or full health each turn. Becuase they would have to survive long enough to activate all dragons (if multicolored) or risk running 1 color and taking a huge loss in damage with moves essentially cutting strength by 80% not counting dragon damage which isn’t much for most healing and damage type like the 5 star “the valiant scar bearer” max lvl attack percentage is 35% so 5 of those is 175% to all enemy dragons which at most is still around 1k in damage to all dragons. At the lvl your at if you have a lvl 70 stage 10 dragon it would basically take a third on average of most dragons health, and at most you would run 3 to get the full 100% health for 7 moves which may get you threw the next wave without a sratch. Pls people make this popular so they do it all perks and debuffs should stack.


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh… This is why you build your team so that you can get the effects of different abilities???

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I totally agree. I was also wondering why they don‘t stack. Hope to get an answers from one of the developers wheather it is on purpose and if so why - or if the want to change it.

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Yes and no if i have 2 dragons both for attacking and healing and there ability is over 7 turns for example then instead of getting say 56% health healed over 7 turns i get which ever i used last. i use multiple types but it would be nice to run idk a theme. I run a team of multi hitters one with increased attack % and one for damage taken increased plus a ricochet with counter attacc and 2 healers one with 7 turn heal and the other with bonus health 3 turn atacc is what i run but it succs when a gsme is limited stacking is a fundamental to strategy game having dots and hots ontop of your bombs


I dont get it either. maybe the fan base they targeted was younger children so they didnt expect the need for staccing and more. But hell even disneys pirates of the carribean game was better it was a open world but still abilities and stuff stacced


You are absolutely right @Jazzaj. The stacking is fundamental to win against strong enemies. The damage does already stack as far as i can tell. So why doesnt the healing stack?? An answer from one of the developers would be nice.


Damage does not stack, the last buff casted is the active one. Without stacking I feel there is less variation. I mean wouldn’t it be cool to have a team full of damage boosts, but then you miss out on other buffs you could of had. I see more team options with stacking

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Also would be interested in seeing abilities stack!

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Thsnk you everyone ive been trying to get this aeticle to buzz to hopefully force there hand


Damage staccs to a degree on buffs say i havw 2 dragons with multiple abilities each have the buff dragons do ?% increased damage the last one played would stay instead of a combined total less its separate buffs like all foes take more damage plus all dragons do more damage those will stack since its effects are different


They must not like the idea