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to bring back the old ways to obtain Exclusive and Exotic dragons through Journey and Exploration directly to our Meade Hall;


Hey I saw its movie and it was amazing dragon movies that I have ever seen in my life. On thing which i like about most is that graphics and picture quality.


Hey, guys, I am again here to discuss about this movie.
Is there similar one?


Hey @CurtisBissonnette,

Glad you enjoyed the movie! The Hidden World is coming out on February 22nd for us! Please don’t share any spoilers :shushing_face:


Can’t wait until the movie does come out! But if you really dont want any spoilers, then don’t look on the internet for Httyd 3, cause the internet has all the stuff that will completely ruin the surprises in the movie.


Sure, but it is true that now a day the internet has such spoilers which may destroy out curiosity.


I just found out that in some areas, Httyd 3 already came out? How is that possible that another area had Httyd 3 come out when over here, it comes out Feb 22? I have a friend who’s already watched the movie last month on Jan 11, I told him not to tell me anything but everyone is already talking about how it ended everywhere on the internet. It’s hard to avoid spoilers.


Hi, could you maybe add the option to speed up the iron collecting process? Or atleast add the option to finish the process with runes?