Draw?! wth


I beat 3 creatures and my opponent was able to continue. Then when he/she won, it was called a DRAW. The game has been real wonky today. Earlier an opponents velociraptor was completely immune to my T. rex rampage. And the priorities have been off all day.


I take it the 3rd win was against a “hit n’ run” dino attack?


No, actually. Einusaurus.


Strange, not heard of it happening with a non auto-swap dino.


Just happened to me a minute ago. They had a diloranosaurus on low health against my megalosuchus. They used impact and run which caused it to take damage from the megalosuchus counter attack and died, giving me the 3rd kill. However the game kept going and they swapped in another megalosuchus which killed mine and turned it into a draw.

Between these issues and ones like not being able to select moves if the low battery message appears in a match, this tournament is becoming very frustrating.



This just happened to me


Hey Darksydr, our team is aware of some of the issues with certain abilities, and they’re investigating. If you have more information, reach out to our team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key to assist them.


Same happened to me too. So annoying as I am trying to get to top500. Any chance for me to get points I deserve?