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Drawing of the alloraptor

Hello everyone I’m draw a long time now with mostly dinosaurs. I came on the idea of jurassic world and j.w alive ( and i needed to colour someting for school…) but now i’m trying to make much of the dinosaurs of jurassic world and park. This is my first hybrid drawing of the game j.w. alive: the alloraptor.


( i hope it is good and you can see the picture of the dinosaur…)

What do you think of it? I hope you like it… but i can’t do better now… i’m still trying to make it perfect…


Nice! I like the bright colors

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Thank you i was very happy with it

I like it! though my only critique is where is the classic toe claw thing the raptors have?
I don’t think its a huge deal that ruins it or anything, but its just like the part that makes raptors iconic in things, but other than that its still a pretty good drawing

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I just tried to make him from a example on pinterest… but nice question