Drawing Request

If anyone’s looking for stuff to draw, here are a few hybrids I would absolutely love to see concept art on:
Diplocauloboasaurus Rex

If you decide to pick up one (or more), have fun! :slight_smile:

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You can always ask the folks at JWA Artwork!

Hey Kadaxas, could you please specify what creatures make up these dinosaurs, I would love to draw them but some could be a hybrid of many different creatures.

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Brachiomorphodon=Brachiosaurus + Dimorphodon
Indominomimus=Indominus Rex + Gallimimus
Diplocauloboasaurus Rex=Diplocaulus + Titanoboa +Tyrannosaurus Rex
Carnostronix=Tryostronix + Carnotaurus
Barymetrodon=Baryonyx + Dimetrodon

In any of these hybrids, Gen 1 or Gen 2 does not matter to me. The Diplocauloboasaurus Rex could use all G1 or all G2 critters, for instance.

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Here you go Kadaxas, sorry if it’s not that good, still not the best at drawing, drew the Indominomimus which I renamed the Indomimus


I LOVE IT! :smiley: Thank you!

I just realised it’s spelt very similar to Indominus, so it’s now it’s a hybrid of ornithomimus and infominous Rex, ornithorex