Drawing your Mega-Hybrids

I’ll be taking your Mega Hybrid ideas that you made in JWA Toolbox or anything and draw them.

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Here is one I came up with yesterday.

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Kk coming it might not be today ok?


Love the idea I’ll hop onto it though may not be finished today

Ok here it is


Here it is I made it look edgy because of it’s name meaning.


Why group when u can’t swap in raids?

Morsdeus boi is cooooool

Though make it fused with a mortem rex and rank it mythical


If it’s immune to rend anything that has only rend (marsupial lion) can’t do damage to it and the bad uniques turns into a good apex? .I know it’s not real in game but it
Must be a pain to take on even if its a boss.if it has 100% armor it can’t be touched by any thing that can’t bypass armor

I know The power of marioness rules

And it very expensive

Ok here’s my idea
The name is Omegalosaurus. (Thor Mega-hybrid)
It has an armoured upper body. A crest like Thor but it’s glows when it’s charged up like Godzilla. Reddish colour.

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I’m saying that it’s super op and broken

But im new to jwa toolbox

I dont know how to icon

Let’s go back to drawing mega hybrids