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Draws are dumb

Granted they don’t happen much. I’ve played since april and just had my first yesterday :cherries: , but they are dumb. They seem to only happen with a DoT dino. I killed my opponents 3rd dino and that should be the end of it. The win condition was met. They shouldn’t have a chance to do their DoT. But they do… dumb.

Not only that, but why are we drawing when we each have a dino left? And the dumbest part is you don’t even get credit for killing 3 dinos for the defeat 10 creatures incubator, but you do if you lose :thinking: :joy: Total waste of time for both players. :unamused:


They aren’t dumb, they just aren’t useful, most of the time.

Cleanse yourself or have more immune dinos on your team.
Problem solved.

you should have never put yourself in that predicament…:wink:

they do suck and are rather dumb. but at the end of the day its not a loss. i think you should still win half the loot… 100 coins half trophies or w/e

was not asking how to counter it :roll_eyes:

I kind of don’t care since the only time it happened was when the opponent got all three before me. I tried to impact and run a Dino, but he countered and killed my Dino. My opponent got three kills now, but the game didn’t end. I had two kills, and then I defeated one of his. Draw.