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Dreadfall Toothless and Bonenapper Quest problem

I did as many of the Dreadfall Toothless wursts as possible before doing the Bonenapper quests below it. On one of the Bonenapper quests it gave the wrong prize and actually changed my toothless points to a different lower number than what I had previously!

You can get 71 TP if you clear all 10 nodes of the event, you still have to get the last 27 points so 71-27=44.
+10 from the Boneknapper quest = 54.

Battle the Boneknapper rewards:

  1. 1600 Gold
  2. 20 Eggs
  3. Bogblight
  4. 3200 Gold
  5. 10 Dreadfall Toothless Trustpoints
  6. 40 Eggs
  7. 4800 Gold
  8. 20 Dreadfall Toothless Trustpoints
  9. 60 Eggs
  10. Premium Token


Never mind. Apparently my coffee has not outweighed dyslexia today. Thank you.

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