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Dreadfall Toothless Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet shows the event restarts necessary for a non-Flight Club player to obtain Dreadfall Toothless.

There really is no need to have a seperate spreadsheet for Flight Club members since they get 75 Trust Points per Duty Chest compared to only 15 Trust Points per Duty Chest for non-members.

Flight Club members can obtain Dreadfall Toothless without event restarts as long as they occasionally open more than one Duty Chest per day.

Revised: Nov. 4, 2019


:star_struck: Thank you for making this @CaptWacky! This is really helpful!

I have 538 trust points, do you think I can get him this time? I can’t win the last level though…

@AIlen I assume you are not currently a Flight Club Member.

Today is Sunday, so ideally you would already have 1 Dreadfall Toothless by now.

You are pretty far behind. Unfortunately, I would say your best bet would be to join the Flight Club and try to open as many Duty Chests as possible.

Good Luck.

ooh I see, thank you

thank you for putting this together. appreciate it.

I don’t typically do restarts, I’ve almost got my first copy of DFT. I may be able to get a second copy.

Same! Though I think I’ll only be able to start the second copy, not get it. (Have 908 points)

Hi I’m seeking for advise here. The thanksgiving meatlug event Chapter 2 is almost comes to and end and I would be having 1.3k TP. Does it possible for me to get 1.7k TP by end of Chapter 3 if I keep reset the progress?

Note: 1. Have around 5k runes to spend for reset and replenish energy
2. I’m not subscribe to FC so opening duty chest contain less TP


Yes, it is possible.

Please let me know if there is a mistake in spreadsheet and I will update it.

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So how many runes would these restarts be? Approx 3k?


The first restart costs 150 runes. Each subsequent restart of a trial chapter increases by 150 runes. So 5 restarts of the last trial chapter would cost 150 + 300 + 450 + 600 + 750 = 2250 runes.

I created a new thread with an updated spreadsheet for the Thanksgiving Meatlug event.

Since I’m f2p and I can’t open 2 chests a day, I can only get 2 copies instead of 3 even if I complete every single node for each one