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Dreadfall Toothless Trust Trail: Chapter 1 Bug

I don’t think we’re supposed to be earning 7 trust points this far…

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I same hope not 71 points for 58 energy and just mistake

Hey Genesis494, this is intended. However, the last stage will give much more Trust Points.

I hope that clears things up a bit. :smiley:

Yeah…this is weak…only 71. Right after they take energy away from the duties…this just feels like a money grab from Ludia.


@Ned, Can you please give us A LOT more info? Like will we also get these amounts in the next 2 trust trials? Whats the duration of the other 2 trust trials? When will the dreadfall draft occur and how much is that going to cost rune wise?

Hey Zhyan, all I’m able to say is that the next Chapter will grant more Trust Points overall.


thank you for your quick response

Can you tell, can we have both normal Toothless and Dreadfall Toothless in the team at the same time? A lot of people are wondering this.

Does not matter as you will get him in like two years time…


Hey Vioora, sadly, only one can be on your team. There’s some more info from our FAQ here:

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Aww that is very unfortunate…
Thank you for the fast reply tho :blush:

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So, if you don’t spend any runes to refresh and can beat the 7200 power of the last stage you can only get 71 runes per day. This phase of the even only lasts 3 days, so without spending runes on this event you can max out at a whopping 213 trust points for the first chapter on the event Toothless (and yes I know about the Boneknapper quest but I’m ignoring it for now)

@Ned this is not very reassuring for free players. Unless there are going to be dramatic increases in the second and third chapter there is NO WAY freeplayers can get this unless they already have runes saved up.

Hey Chaos, I’ll be sure to share your feedback with our team.

Dreadfall tp avalible in arena

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Yes… If you ever can win a battle in the arena… -_-
For me, the new Toothless is only a lost place for other Dragons :frowning:

Just had 70 dreadfall runes in my FC chest. :flushed: