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Dreadfall - Was the Mass Anger an Overreaction?

Hello All - Founder Of LionHeart Here,

I wanted to voice my opinion, realizing that it may make alot of members upset as to my stance on the Dreadfall Event. When it was released anger spread in the community like wildfire and even in my own 6-clan Pride, which is highly unusual as my community is known for staying positive and sticking together, weathering storms because we simply just enjoy playing with each other on a daily basis. I had actually never seen them so upset at Ludia. In the beginning, when it seemed all like a total cash grab I tried to remind my members that I expected this and to separate yourself from inevitable ludia cash grabs and enjoy playing with your clanmates.

Then we find out there are not only Dreadfall TPs in alpha chests, thawfest emporium, boneknapper runs, but Flight Club hard chests get 75 whopping points per chest and ppl can attempt to open 3 of those a day. Wow, TBH I want to THANK LUDIA for throwing thier subscribers a well deserved bone here. I expected this to be a cash grab and it actually seems attainable for subscribers. This is a great answer to people complaining that the subscription was no longer worth it.

I will however support my clan members speaking out because while I personally prefer the surprise of finding TPs all over the game (and if Ludia would’ve released all the details then people would be planning out the entire event before it even arrived and where’s the fun in this w no surprises and the whole thing mapped out?), this initial reaction of anger en-masse is only reflective of the distrustful relationship Ludia has fostered w its members. in the current damaged relationship between ludia and the TU membership, my clan members demanding that they be atleast told to look out for TP elsewhere in the game is understandable even if I don’t personally prefer that as it takes away from the surprise. – But ludia cannot expect anything else given its past dealings with the TU membership base.

Perhaps, Dreadfall can be a start to fostering a better relationship between Ludia and its members - but here still mostly for the subscribers, but I believe the subscribers deserve something like this. I think in the future Ludia needs to continue to foster a healthy and supportive relationship with its members by giving a bone to even f2p members just to have the support of the whole community behind them again.


Normal hard duty chests give 15 TP and I’m very happy that FC finally seems to really pay off for its members!
I feel like the amount of TP spread all over the game is decent, just like you mentioned, but communication could be a lot better. Especially with all that tension from previous updates and the energy nerf it was clear that Ludia should have been more careful and granted more information in advance.


I agree 100% with all you say. I think this Dreadfall event is a pretty good one, and especially that people were judging it too quickly.
Finally a benefit for subscribers that actually makes the Flight Club worthwhile. I actually thought about finally giving in and getting my first month, but the price is just too high for a monthly sub to a mobile game. I really hope someday it’ll be available for a deal at a reduced cost for people who haven’t subscribed before, or at least haven’t been subscribed recently (Ludia did this in Rise of Berk, so it isn’t too out there of an idea, that was the only way they got me to do a subscription there as it was too good to resist, a deal for 3 months that was half the price of the normal subscription, in this game that’d be perfect for guaranteeing 3 copies of skullcrusher after daily playing during the sub period.)

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I will admit that I got angry very quickly, and upon discovering they gave us so many more opportunities to earn TP, I realized my initial reaction was a bit much. So to Ludia, I apologize for that.

However, like you said, I agree that people’s quick to anger reaction has a lot to do with how they’ve burned us in the past. So hopefully they work on fostering a better relationship with their fan base.

The surprise of finding out we could earn TP from multiple other places was nice, and made the event seem a little less impossible. But I do think they could’ve at least hinted to us there would be multiple ways to earn TP. Maybe not tell us specifically how, but let us know that it wouldn’t be like a normal Trust event.


Personally I don’t want surprises, it’s a game not a movie or book. Surprises are a moral killer for me, if something works differently than I thought it just get frustrating, there’s no joy in that. I’m still not sure how I feel about this event as I still don’t know if this is a Halloween thing only, will I not be able to earn more points until next year after all these chapters are done?

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If your a flight club member you can earn all three copies needed to make Dreadfall a 5* without paying a single rune as long as you put effort into it. Non FC members should be able to come close to getting 2 copies.