Dream list


Just some things you would dream to happen but probably won’t!!

I would love dna to become cumulative! Meaning if your dinosaur needs 1000 to level up and the next level is 1500 all you would need is 500!

Maybe not do it on all the dinosaurs but on certain ones would work like legendary and above!

A better fusion system where you can pay 1000 coins at one time and fusion 50 times at once! It took me 2 days to get my Einasuchus from 21 to 22! Not because I needed to collect the DNA but 2 days of tapping!

Also re do the fusion so higher level dinosaurs have a higher minimum instead of 10!


Yes, an additional feature for fusing would be great! Maybe have a “fuse all available DNA” option for the times we know we want to put everything we’ve got into that hybrid.