Dream Team: Tryos or Zorion

I’m recently working on acquiring my dream team (I’m working on Maxima and Gemini) and I don’t know if Tryos should leave the team and Zorion could join.

Any suggestion??

That’s a tough one. Quetz is probably better, but Tryo does well against many of the big threats like grypo and tryko. On the other hand, quetz does well against speedsters like magna. Tryo also benifits more from a set-up than quetz, but quetz has a very good priority move, which tryo lacks. I would work on both, and swap one out for the other when you feel like it. They’re both really good, so there is no real “wrong” choice


You are completely correct!

This decision will be more difficult than I thought. Thank you for your help.

imo, asking which is better is trying to compare apples to oranges. They’re two different classes and neither is inherently better than the other. both are great in their own right and have different best match ups. I’d work on both and swap them around. get a feel for their play styles and see what works for you. you may want both on the team.


Other creatures to consider would be phorasaura and dioraja. Phorasaura has swap-in stun (better than swap-in dodge) and instant rampage which is the best priority move in the game. Boost its damage and speed to do a massive turn 1 hit with priority. Dioraja can be utilized in more ways than one and is all-around a solid creature. Boost hp and attack to take advantage of the ferocious move

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I’ll do that, thanks!

“Phoruss” would be a great addition to the team (I live in Area 3 and Maia appears very often), but she can receive a Hybrid (maybe I just take her to level 20?).

I love Dio’s counterattack, but I will have Tarkus and Tryko on my team … I don’t know if it would be a good idea to have 3 counterattackers on the same team.

True true. Phora can get a hybrid, which will probably get the mammotherium treatment where the unique is just an upgraded version. I’m doing the same thing. Another suggestion would be something like Indom gen 2 (if you don’t want Indo gen 2) or monostegotops

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Just saying, you should probs have Yoshi on your dream team…

Procerath is good, but not end-game. It just doesn’t have too much going for it in the end game

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Well, boosted it does…

not really. It get’s outclassed quite easily by creatures that don’t need to invest in speed to keep the advantage. that’s more health to survive and damage they can deal. There’s the three high tyrants, maxima, mammotherium, smilonemys, tryko, dio, and ardontosaurus. other mentions are grypolyth and potentially orion.

A big portion of end game is high health and high damage tanks with a mix of personal touches. procerath doesn’t fair well with that and is on the decline from the top teams.

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Not really. Maybe in lower arenas, but when you have creatures with high damage, armor, immunity, or cleansing, it falls off. You have to boost procerath evenly or else it struggles. Meanwhile, I can bring in my dioraja, which is boosted in hp and attack only, and destroy it.A maxima, gemini, or mammotherium/lania can do the same, and these are everywhere in the endgame. There is a reason why many people drop it eventually. It just doesn’t hold up


Better take both and kick thyla instead

Perhaps. Thyla is one of the most used bleeders in the arenas and is easy to evolve …

I would take out indo for quetzerion and tryo but you do you

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