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Dream teams!

Sooo I have my dream team:

And then there’s my realistic dream team:

And here is my current team:

What do ya think?


i think lux is very realistic, its dna is very easy to get, just takes long if you have a good alliance and a tryo or some other raid dino. id stop using indo, hes really bad. skoona should be replaced with maxima or gemeni which are both easier to get. maxima is the easiest to get, but diplo dna has been much more avaible compared to skoona and its also the worst out of the three. skoona is the best for raids, depending on if you need distraction and taunt while others are better for raw damage. magna is actually much easier to obtain than it seems. i got it to level 23 in about 3 weeks for level 21. the only reason it isnt almost level 24 is cuz i want to make tryo raid viable. the only way im useful in raids beside that is if indom gets group revenge cloak which would be awesome.

rixisi and thor are very easy to obtain. rinex really depends on how much draco dna you have, i have 25,000 at level 16 so i could prob get it to 23, but its like tenato, very hard to get.

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My dream team :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I have 49 draco dna. I’ve got 75 on inex though. Just a little bit more. I’ve been wanting to take indo off my team, just don’t have anything to replace it with. Also, I wanna wait for a boost reshuffle as well. I’m just hoping they do one soon…

Another thing is, nobody in my alliance even wants to try an apex raid. I’m in the raid discord thingy (ARK) but nobody ever tries any raids with me. I’ve brought up multiple strats for mortem, but still, nobody.

Talk to me on discord. I think I could help :wink:

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Really? Tysm, what’s ur discord?

Pm me it please

It’s MINMI#4136

Ty, I’ll add you asap.

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Do you have any mortem viable dinos? I’ve got a toura lvl 26 stats good enough for mortem and a Thor 6k hp 2k atk for other raids

I don’t have much, my team is my best dinos, but I know a few low level strats like the indo g2 one.

Well if you find the rest of a team I can be ur toura for Indo g2 strat I’m IronCaptain 2540

Ah, I think I’ve seen you around somewhere in a discord