Dream Teams

My team has updated.

I wanted it to be as less viable as possible.
And I’m currently working on Dakotanops!

12 more levels to go! :muscle:

Based Acrocanthops user

a mix of meta and not(I’m too lazy to do boosts)


The problem with my dream apex team is that one day I’m gonna have to drop Bumpy from the team :frowning:


Most meta non meta

I never said it wasn’t meta, I’m just saying I’ll make a non meta team soon


My own dream team

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Bit weird,but not going to question what u want,u do u

Is my dream team great?

  • Yes
  • Idk

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Part 2

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You legit just listed the best Dino’s from every rarity.


This text will be blurred

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No he made not for theri and sarc he made from therisinospinos and sarc i dont know that you too make this idea really

I got proof right here

I really dont know if you do it

I did 10char

Proof right here from the our custom creatures topic

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I real dont know i join forums 3 week ago

I too have proof Our custom creatures! - #5021 by TGAMES4YT

And i show my therizinosuchus 24 days ago

You show your 20 days ago i be first and let’s stop this argument