Dreamed Rebalancing Buffs for Epics

My interest here is in dusting off the unused epics that could bring variety to the game, if only they were powerful enough. I’m not gawking at the heroes today; I’m raising the forgotten dead. If we suddenly have 20 epics that we’re seeing in tourneys because they’re all that good, then great! I would love to see that kind of variety.

Armor: 30% > 40%. Small change, but something.

Replace Ready to Crush with Mutual Fury

The problem with Baryonyx is that it’s so easily shown up by the T-Rex. It tries doing the same job, just not as well.

Rather than competing with the Tyrannosaurus, I suggest giving it a new use. This will be a big change, but I suggest removing Ready to Crush from all dinosaurs and replacing it with Mutual Fury. This will give Baryonyx a chance to lash back and outpace a Velociraptor on turn 2! Suddenly, you have a monster. Ready to Crush, a move almost never used by any player, is swapped for a slightly different versatility move that demands skill to use correctly. This is the kind of shake-up I would love to see more of in this game. This is the only change I suggest for Baryonyx.

I recognize this suggestion has monstrous implications for Tryostronix. Mutual Fury on a Tryostronix would indeed make it more dangerous. While Ready to Crush is almost never used by most players, Mutual Fury would make it easier for Tryostronix to claim a speed advantage against many targets and offer a brutal takedown. I would suggest reducing its Attack from 1300 to 1150, like it was before the immunity buffs. Mutual Fury would, in return, offer greater versatility to this savage monster.

Hopefully that does it. If not, hey, it can’t be worse than Procerathomimus, right? It takes Magna blood (Dimetrodon) to make. Let it have its moment? Price of progress?

Trade Shattering Impact for Definite Impact. Gains Immune to Distraction.

Take Stygidaryx’s No Escape and move it down the bloodline to Darwezopteryx and Darwinopterus.

It’s a hobby of mine to build all-bleeder squads and pit them against people in challenges. I’m sorry, but Darwin’s just one of the worst bleeders (and that’s saying something). I prefer the rare and attainable Scaphognathus in combat. No Escape will give Darwin a unique use among epics as a mini-Stygidaryx.

No, I’m not proposing any changes here. I just felt like mocking the Gollumfish for a moment. Nearly sorry, but someone’s got to hold the fort in the mudpile.

Increase damage from 1380 to 1400. Small change, still bottom-tier for epics. But I don’t want to touch its special moveset, and everything else here would be getting big changes already.
Edit: I just found @Thylo_75’s thread for rebalancing. I’ll steal a page from his book and say Immune to Deceleration would do this critter good.

Increase armor for Nodosaurus & Nodopatosaurus from 25% to 30%. Increase damage from 900 to 950.

Remember when Diorajasaur got a Precise Shattering Counter? That was awesome. Take that and move it down the bloodline to Rajakylo and Rajasaurus. This makes it more useful against tanks and pesky evaders.

Increase speed from 127 to 130. Replace Swap-In Ferocity with Swap-In Dodge.
I’ve long wondered what would happen if you had evasion and a counterattack on the same creature. Now you can find out! Its high speed lets it attack first against Erlikosaurus, and its new swap-in effect transforms it from a lesser glass cannon to a surprise on any battlefield. I would expect these changes to make it tournament-worthy, but not a staple for every team. That is one of my favorite things to see.


If you want a trend that makes combat similarities with similar creatures, just give Pteranodon No Escape like Darwin. Make that an “agile flyer” ability like the crocs. It’s hard to get away from fast flyers like these. If you go this way, put it on Dimorphodon & Dimodactylus too why don’tcha? Give people those Jurassic World flashbacks where everyone tried getting away from them and just couldn’t. You can try running, yes… but you can’t hide.

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No no no. No one touches the RTC on Tryo. This is what makes it win against counter attackers like Tryko or Dio. Tryo doesn’t require speed control most of the time, its main purpose is to revenge kill a creature and then perform a big hit for the next turn.



RTC is a very good skill, and if it were withdrawn I would be very angry!

Tryos does not decrease damage, has no dodge, has no shield or armor! Receiving Mutual Fury would be a strong NERF!


Rule of thumb, Definite doesn’t get paired with Immunity or immune to Distraction. It’s not really a rule but should be.


Baryonyx just shows how RTC without immunity is almost a waste of time.

Slow, distract, stun basically completely ruin any creature with RTC.

Other than Baryonyx, most of the changes seem reasonable.


I tried rebalancing all of the weaker Epics too.
What I did with Bary is give it a guaranteed crit with RTC and Immunity to Deceleration.

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I think Immunity to Decelleration would basically fix Bary. That way it stomps on tanks effectively while also being anti-chomper. It falls easily to speedsters, stunners, distracters etc.


Problem with RTC is that it fits Tryostronix perfectly (I use one), but it sucks on normal Barys and Irris. I suggest to add cleanse to this move.

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Cleanse would be interesting, but I feel like it still wouldn’t work as intended. If Bary was faster then Slow, Distract would all still apply which is where Bary gets shafted.

Bary needs to have at least one immunity (either distract or slow) to really shift its slot in the meta.


Very nice! I didn’t even know people used Ready to Crush on Tryostronix. Thanks for pointing that out! It sure would be good against Trykos & things. Guess I just haven’t seen enough Tryo vs. Tryko fights.
Immunities for Baryonyx does sound good. I think that would be a good fix too.

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