Driving warning warns too much!

Everytime i try to catch dinos in a car, bus, or somthing moving fast i get the warning “hey! Your moving fast! Dont play this game while driving!” And i always dismiss it. But when ever i try catching a dino and return to the map…IT POPS RIGHT BAcK UP IN MY FACE! Over and and over and over and over agin!!! Its slowing down the rate i can capture dino dna and it makes me miss out on dna i NEED! Especially if im gonna be in alliance heloing someone out with dna they need! Please fix this warning pop up issue!


He pops up every 45-60 seconds for me. Should be at minimum every 5 minutes after his initial appearance.

If I happen to hit a drop the exact same time it pops up, it freezes the game completely and I have to kill it and reload. Or if the “Join VIP” pops up the exact same time as the diving warning, it freezes the game completely.

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its so annoying… cant play the game as a passenger without the stupid message popping up.

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Especially annoying when you’re going to click on a supply depot or an epic dinosaur and BOOM… speed warning… or… when you’re walking… or sitting still. SERIOUSLY. :frowning: