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Drogons Dracarys 3000+ bp recruiting 2 active players


Drogons Dracarys is looking for 2 ACTIVE players to help us move past 5 star alphas and hopefully get to 6 stars.We have downed a few 5s now but have some dead weight we are needing to trim to help us continue to rise!
If you are an active player who can commit to their alpha attacks MULTIPLE times daily, are over 3000 battle points (4000+ will be given preference as the majority of us are 4000 and some 5000s) and are looking for a new clan feel free to comment here and I will make room for you :blush:we are a friendly clan that wants to progress together so as long as your active your position is safe and you can disregard the next part.
Grounds for removal are:

  1. Missing 2 consecutive alphas without any explanation we do understand life happens and that is obviously more then alright!
  2. Scoring under 20,000 alpha damage. With around 6 attacks daily if your awake to make most of them it’s unreasonable for someone with a team of 3000+ to score under that. Even around work hours 20,000 should be more then achievable within even the original 3 attacks at that team level.


Bumping we are still looking for one active daily player :smile:


I’m interested!


Hey there if your still looking we’d love to have you :slight_smile: let me know if you’d like to join


Bump we are still looking for 1-2 ACTIVE people that will attack alphas multiple times daily! Must be 3000+ the higher the better :smile: send me a message if your interested and I will clear spaces for you


we just downed our first 5* alpha! Still looking for a few members (had to steal the pic from a clanmate as I claimed mine to fast :rofl:)


Bumping as we are once again looking for 2 active players to replace inactives :slight_smile:


Kevin#5449 English speaking, 4k9 team. An active member looking for a new clan. Do you have slot for me?


Hey there yes I have room for you invite sent!


I’d like to be considered when you have roster space. I’m an active player. Discord xelukereon #0881


We still have one open spot as we keep trimming inactives we would prefer a battle score of 4000+ or close to it :slight_smile:


I’ll take an invite. I’m at 6126bp.



Invite sent!