Drogons Dracarys 5000+ clan working on 7⭐️ Alphas looking for 1-2 ACTIVE players

Drogons Dracarys is looking for 2 ACTIVE players to help us advance on 6* alphas. We down our 5 stars every single time but are struggling on 6 star alphas due to some people not completing all their attacks.
If you are:

  1. An active player who can commit to their alpha attacks MULTIPLE times daily.

  2. Are over 4000+ battle points as most of us are that or higher (quite a few over 5k)

  3. Use discord or are willing to download it as we require all our members to join so we can improve communication, share tips and much more.

  4. Are looking for a new clan or maybe just a more active clan please feel free to comment here and I will make room for you :blush:we are a friendly clan that wants to progress together so as long as your active and hitting our minimum damage (30k) DAILY your position is safe and you can disregard the next part.
    Grounds for removal are:

  • Missing 2 consecutive alphas without any explanation we do understand life happens and that is obviously more then alright!
  • Scoring under 30,000 alpha damage. With around 6 attacks daily if your awake to make most of them it’s unreasonable for someone with a team of 4000+ to score under that. Even around work hours 30,000 should be more then achievable within even the original 3 attacks at that team level.

We are so close to seeing a 6⭐️ Go down we just need to replace a few inactives to see it happen!

One spot is filled we are still looking for one more person

BUMP we are defeating 6​:star: Every time now and on 7​:star: Alphas we need ONE person hoping for 5000+ :slight_smile:


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Hello! i have 5400 and wish to join your clan! really active and always use all my alpha battles. IGN Alstec

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My team is currently at 4794. I’m a daily player and in my current clan’s ranking 3rd best attacker. If you still have a free spot I’d be happy to join dragon3

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Hey, I am a very active player and attack the alpha multiple times a day, this is my current roster:

I have multiple 4 star dragons that I am working on leveling up so soon enough I should be able to be higher than that.
If you still have spots I’d be happy to join you

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@alstec hey there let me know if your ready for an invite :slight_smile:

@alstec I would need the numbers following your in game name :slight_smile: also do you use discord?

Bumping as we’re still looking for one person preferably 5000+ and around 70-100k alpha damage.

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Not sure if you’re still looking for someone, but I’m interested in joining. My team is at 5163. My in-game name is Mordor #9572

@Mordor do you use discord and what’s your average alpha damage?

We are still looking for one person 5000+ please and 80k+ damage to alphas daily :slight_smile: we are downing 7s here and there and want to make it a consistent thing

My main team is currently at 5052 and growing and I play many times a day. I’m also already on discord

@Chaos what’s your average alpha damage?
Also very impressive dragons

@Chaos also sent you a message

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