Drogons Dracarys is looking for 1 5000+ ACTIVE member working on 8 star alphas

Drogons Dracarys is looking for 1 ACTIVE player to help us advance on 8* alphas. We down our 7 stars every single time but are struggling on 8 star alphas due to some people not completing all their attacks. We have downed one now but want to make it a regular thing.
If you are:

  1. An active player who can commit to their alpha attacks MULTIPLE times daily.
  2. Are over 5000+ battle points as most of us are that or higher
  3. Use discord or are willing to download it as we require all our members to join so we can improve communication, share tips and much more. You MUST be active on discord.
  4. Are looking for a new clan or maybe just a more active clan please feel free to comment here and I will make room for you :blush:we are a friendly clan that wants to progress together so as long as your active and hitting the alpha every chance you can and being above our minimum damage (55k) DAILY (this is a MIN we want to see 80k+ regularly) your position is safe and you can disregard the next part.
    Grounds for removal are:

Still looking for one member to join :slight_smile:

Hey there, I’m currently in a clan whose leader appears to be MIA, I’m a subscriber and currently my best team power is around 5400. I’m active multiple times a day (boring job) and give all my alphas shots 99% of the times, and looking for a new home :smiley: you still have that spot?

@Mark88 we are still looking yes :slight_smile: do you use dis cord? Also messaged you

Bump looking for one more active player

We are looking for one more and willing to accept a lower team grade as long as you can still hit 80-100k per alpha and use all your attacks.

Hi! Are you looking for players? I am active daily players, my power is 5400 currently. :slight_smile:

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@MacS yes we are :slight_smile: I’ll message you

Still looking for 1

Bump still looking for one

Looking for an active clan. I use all my attacks and average 80-100k damage. 5100+ now and should hit 5500+ in the near future.

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Are you still looking?

Very active.
Thank you

We are now working on 8 stars and looking for one to join again :slight_smile:

We are now working on 8 stars and looking for one to join again

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Bump were still looking for someone that can keep up with damage :slight_smile: