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Drogons Dracarys is now recruiting for all 3 levels of our clan 9star, 7star and our newest clan

We expanded our clan family and are now recruiting for all three. We have our beginner clan Rhaegal rising for those that want a less competitive environment, viserions vengeance for those mid level that want to work on getting into our main clan and finally we have our main clan working on 9-10 stars
We do require discord for all levels but otherwise take a look at our requirements and let me know where you feel you’d got best :slight_smile: comment or message me here or for a quicker response add my discord Eurecka13#1631

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Looking for a few more to fill out our clans :slight_smile:

Looking for 2 for rhaegals Rising, 1 for Drogons and a few for viserions

Bump to top. We’re Still looking!

We are still looking :slight_smile:

Hi Eureka, I’m a level 31 player doing 4745 damage and about 100K damage to a 3* Alpha. I play daily and my current clan is nice but the leader has become inactive and even after reaching out to Support there is nothing we can do. I already have discord installed and am familiar with it. Before leaving the clan, I was wondering if you would consider taking me on for the beginner team?

Thanks Nes

@Nes absolutely we would love to have you message me your discord and ingame name and I will get you added to that clan :slight_smile:

Nes #6651 for discord
Nes #6281 are my ingame details

I’ll send a message to my clan and then leave.

Thanks again.

@Nes your welcome I sent you and invite on discord just let me know where when your ready

Ready when you are :slight_smile:

We are looking for a few more for viserions and rhaegals :slight_smile: we will also open a spot in Drogons for the right person

We still have 2 spots in rhaegals as there’s people ready to be promoted to viserions.
A few spots in viserions.
We could also open one spot to someone in Drogons if their damage and team level is up there

We have one spot left in rhaegals, one spot in Drogons and 10 spots left in viserions they have reached 5 star alpha and are still going up with just the few of them :slight_smile:

Our new mid level clan has defeated a 5* dragon with only 12 players. We are now on a 6* Alpha. We are still looking for active members.