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Drogons family is recruiting come farm 10s!

We are recruiting for 3 clans in our family the requirements are listed below but at this time we will also accept lower players as well if you are committed to being active and using all 6 attacks daily while growing your teams.
:star:Drogons is our top clan easily farming 10 star alphas they need 2
:star:Rhaegals is farming 10s as well and in need of 2
:star: Balerions is currently being rebuilt they have gotten to 9 stars and are closing in on 10s they need 3

Hello! I just requested to join Balerions Beginning :slight_smile: I meet the requirements and I had to leave my old clan because I was tired of lack of participation from the others in my clan. I’d love to join yours!

We are looking for Two people for Rhaegals and Two people for Drogons both farming 10 star alphas :slight_smile: