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Dromeopolaris [Megalogaia+Cryolophosaurus Hybrid Concept]

I was doodling a Dino head with a sharpie and it spiraled into a giant rough sketch spanning two very large sheets lol. So I decided to turn it into a full idea!

So Megalogaia

It’s made of a Sanctuary Exclusive and an incubator exclusive, so it’s got great potential. It’s a solid B tier in tournaments, but pretty inaccessible to build into a good arena level because of its ingredient gathering difficulty though it can be hunted.

I’d like to add it to this, one of my favorite dinos of all time:


Type: Baryonyx Rig
Epic Rarity
3880 HP
1320 Attack
124 Speed
20% Critical

~Shattering Ferocious Strike [Unused so far]: 1X Armor Piercing. Shatter Shields. Increase damage 33% 2 turns.
~Nullifying Impact
~Mutual Frenzy [New]: Cleanse. Speed Up 10% 2 Turns. Enemy becomes vulnerable 2 turns. Self becomes vulnerable 1 turn. Increase all move multipliers by .25X for 2 turns. Delay: 0/Cooldown: 2

It gets a new risk/reward move in the Mutual family that focuses on vulnerability as well as increasing all move multipliers slightly instead of a straight stat buff of 50%. It does this in exchange for one extra turn of cooldown. It also gets a hold of the old datamined Shattering Ferocious Strike which is a pretty nice basic to tote around. This comes at the expense of a rampage move. Whatever it’s stats or kit may be I would love for this Dino to be in the game!

But now for the topic at hand. Cryo fuses with Megalogaia to become:

“North Star Runner”

Type: Baryonyx Rig

  • 3930 HP
  • 1220 Attack
  • 122 Speed
  • 5% Critical

~Definite Ferocious Strike [New]: 1X. Remove Shields and Evasion/Cloak. Armor Piercing. Increase Damage 33% 2 turns.
~Shield Bash [New]: 1.5X. Destroy Shields. Shield 1 Turn. Slow 2 Turns. Delay: 0/ Cooldown: 1 [Not Armor Piercing]
~Dig In
~Mutual Frenzy
~1X Armor Piercing Counter
~Immune to Deceleration

Bio: These crests are no longer for display after being augmented by deer antler density. Dromeopolaris is able to engage in fierce charges, and its stegosaurian plates remain fused to the spine like it’s predecessor for a rigid defense. It is a powerful; yet gracefully quick predator.

Idea: A quick counter attacker that can stack up dangerous amounts of damage through repeated uses of its basic move and Mutual Frenzy. It’s able to get a speed advantage over most creatures with both immune to deceleration and two speed up moves. Shield Bash helps it keep some aggressive defense on the table. It suffers from distractors and stunners, as well as massive shield breakers like Tyrannosaurus. Shines in scenarios where it can be set up.

What do you guys think?


Cryolophosaurus looks cool. Though stats are quite unusal since its a tyrannosaurid, right? Moves are def interesting

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The concept and art are amazing! I love it


Cryolophosaurus is a relative of Monolophosaurus and Ceratosaurus I’m pretty sure. I think there’s actually more millions of years between it and T rex than there is between Rex and us now.

You might possibly be thinking of Yutyrannus?


Maybe. Lolz, my dino facts arent like they used to be. But other tha that, cool dino. You doin a series of dinos that should be in JW Alive?

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No just showing an idea I had midst my doodles lol.

But a dinos we deserve series, that’s not a bad idea actually. I might just do that if anyone actually wants me to lol


Love it.

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I think that is a cool concept, but this is how can be better:

  • The Dromaeopolaris is cool but I think you should add more horns from megalogaia
  • The Cryolophosaurus and the Dromaeopolaris should have the dilophosaurus rig
  • Shattering Ferocious strike should have named Ferocious shattering strike
  • Definite Ferocious strike should have named Ferocious definite strike

Other than that is perfect

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Yeah, that’s the actual name of the move.

I’d be happy with a legendary megalogaia hybrid and this looks like a cool concept, I remember having a toy of Cryolophosaurus when I was younger, pretty cool dino

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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

Normally Dilo and Cryo would be pretty close in size, but at 7.9+ meters (26 feet) and 500+ kilos (1,100 pounds) I felt like it would look pretty shrunk down if it used the JP dilo animations.

Personally I really enjoy the minimalist/natural look, but I knew not everyone would. Everyone’s got different tastes :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone who wants to do a redraw based on how they see it is more than welcome :slight_smile:

I did forget and mix up FDS’s move name which carried over to FDS :sweat_smile: my bad!

This hybrid is giving me some Banbaro from Monster Hunter vibes and I’m digging it. Definitely think the antlers could be a bit more prominent (not as much as this, though)