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Drone/Darting on T-rex and other epics


Ludia should revise how T-rex and some other epic creatures move when you try to get some DNA! I understand they are EPIC but it’s ridiculous how quickly they move! How are we supposed to collect enough DNA even if we find them?


I agree, trex is slow in battle and yet it’s the fastest to escape darting lol


VIPs should have the creature escape mechanism removed.


Too many high rarity dinosaurs can turn on the spot where the drone can’t plus there is no need to reduce the max DNA because of the rarity. Fix those issues as it’ll be fine.


Pyroraptor is solid.


Epic DNA are supposed to be hard to collect. Take extra time and make sure you get a bullseye on the very first dart. And then prepare your aiming for that difficult head-tail-head-tail sequence that epics usually do.


Epic ones are already difficult to find so that should be enough to stop people from getting lots of their DNA. I think it’s very unfair making them to move too fast and in a weird way so people can’t dart properly.