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Drone Deadshot achievement

“Get 10 Direct Hits on 1 Epic creature with 1 Drone”

Okay I need some help with this. Attempted this multiple times and I’m nowhere near completing it.
To the people who completed it: How did you do it? Which drone did you use and what creature did you dart?

Veteran drone. Usually if someone gets a high score, they’re using that drone.

I got the 10 hits (11, actually) on a seco on both of my accounts. Other easier creatures include the deer (it’s probably the absolute easiest), koola, that short-range dog, anky, antarc, and erlik.


Veteran drone on a secodontosaurus. But the deer is definitely easiest. I got a 9/10 on that one, it has very close target points and no tail to worry about.

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I got it with Classic drone on Concavenator. I recommend using whichever drone mode you’re most comfortable with (as long as it’s not Rookie lol)

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I did mine on carbo. But deer, seco or koola probably easiest.

Vet drone, event Mammoth