Drone Flying


So i have noticed how difficult handling the drones can be and I’ve personally realized that the hardest part of controlling them is not being able to identify where your original control point is on the screen. The faster the dinosaurs go the harder it is to control because you’re trying to compensate for the change and forget that your starting point is on the edge of the screen. I think some sort of indication will help, especially slower phones,so that you get better accuracy. And to combat the easy difficulty this would possibly bring, maybe lower direct hit points so that ot wouldn’t be too easy. Maybe the increased leveling requirements already do this because my highest is level 6 but these things need to be considered. Just my input.


@iNinjaSpeed, thank you. Developing better control of the drone is a priority goal for me. Would it be asking too much for more details on the Origen point. So far I’ve just started as close to the creature’s nearest target. It hasn’t worked well. Perhaps your information will help.


a possible original point, maybe a dot with a small sonar ring to help indicate where we place our finger, somewhat like a joystick. I tend to personally go under or beside the dinosaurs depending on the direction they’re facing to help myself compensate for the change of direction and speed of the creatures. If it’s hard to program randomly position indication then maybe a standard position for a joystick like control would be best. A position where you can always go to so you can control the drone and not be able to press anywhere to do so.


@iNinjaSpeed, thank you. On my iPad the controls just show up after the creature has been selected and the drone appears. Perhaps we are having different interface experiences.


I think it can helphttps://jurassic-world-alive.wikia.com/wiki/Drone#Equipment


Yeah that is definitely different than mine. I currently use an android but my wife uses a iPhone 6s but still doesn’t show up. You’re one of the lucky ones I suppose haha.


I know how to use the drone and everything but I was suggesting an indication of where you original start when you click the screen. See Paul’s picture on the right side of the screen, something along those lines would be awesome. It seems to work for iPads but not anything else unfortunately. I literally have to guess on where I originally clicked the screen and control from there.


@iNinjaSpeed, the control at the right of the screen halfway up is for something else Not JWA. Over the target area on the creature is the drone siteing that’s used to control the drone. Large circle will have a + target inside once touched.

Regarding the iPad, it’s on iOS 11.3.1 in case that makes a difference on other iOS devices. 11.4 is out now. No idea what that will change.