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Drone Full Battery

Hello Wizards
Anyone knows if a drone is at 100% battery at 10 or 20 meters?..I guess it dosnt matter if its 3 or 4 meters away but is it at 100% at 20 meters?
Reason im asking is that in my mind i need to get as close as possible (like 5 meters) before i launch the drone and i get SO sad when that Kentro despawns before i get there. So if the battery is at 100% at like 20 meters i will launch from there in the future…before i lose another epic.
Thank you in advance

50 meters and under gets your the max battery life I believe. I’m sure someone will confirm this.

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its 50 meters

It might be 50 for VIP, but for F2P it’s 30.

Awesome Guys and Girls…50 meters it is then (im vip)
Many thanks for the replys :o)