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Drone keeps moving after I shoot (missing the target)

Bug Description: When I am darting, the drone doesn’t respond properly, after I drop the dart, it keeps moving for another split second and only then shoots it, completely missing the dino, or it takes longer than it should to start aiming after I touch the screen. Basically it’s not as responsive as it should be and it’s lagging.

Area is was found in: darting

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- dart a dino
Step 2 - touch the screen to aim
Step 3 - shoot the dart
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: several times during every darting session

What type of device are you using: samsung galaxy A5


Omg thank the lord I thought I was just a bad shot or was going crazy

Glad to know I’m not the only one either, I thought there was something wrong with my phone…

I sometimes experience the same phenomenon.
I thought it was due to the phone itself.

I reported having difficulty with the darting some time ago. Only solution given was that I may have too many apps open. It actually does not make any difference whether I have 1 app or 10 apps open.

But I gave noticed certain times of the day, darting is bad. So I stop playing. And when I open the app again after some time, it would seem to be better. Can’t explain it.

Quite a few things could cause lag… and combinations of them could compound lag issues.

Hardware/firmware issues;
The operating system being outdated can cause the software to run less optimally.
Processor speed, the more complex the software gets the more the processor has to do to keep up.
The amount of RAM available. The more information (program, data, etc.) that can be accessed from RAM the faster the program will run. If there is only a limited amount of RAM the program will only load what is absolutely needed. If a routine is selected that is not currently in RAM and there’s a lack of space to run it then something will need to be moved out of RAM (usually to internal storage or cache if it’s available). If internal storage isn’t available then it may just be removed and accessed and rebuilt from the program files when it is needed again.
The amount of remaining internal storage space. Cache may need to be cleared.
The phone or the processor heating up. As the processor heats up it begins to run slower.
Multiple apps being loaded and apps running in the background. The additional apps take up RAM and also add to the load on the processor.

Software issues could be caused by memory leaks but usually those problems aren’t noticed until the software has been running a while. As the amount of RAM is decreased, the software has less space to run which may increase more information being swapped in and out of internal storage. Restarting the app would return any memory it had leaked, but wouldn’t return memory that other apps that are still running may have leaked. Restarting the phone shutting down all apps should restore all leaked memory.

Most of the time I have no problem running the game on my phone (iPhone X). But the one area I do have problems with is if my phone starts to get hot, I begin to see lag issues. And the hotter the phone gets the worse the lag issues get.

It happens to me I have unlimited data on Verizon, on iPhone XS and have everything but the game close so idk what it could be then

Wow, thought it was just my phone! Okay, add this to the list of 463 other bugs they need to fix.

I also thought it was my phone firstly, then I checked out his work in the other games/apps. Nothing like that happeneds. It’s really annoing during the hybrid pursuit darting or one of the Epics -_-

Restarting the app helps but not for so long as I wish