Drone loses Crosshairs


Logged on today. Game downloaded another 90mb update. Shot one dino just fine. Went to shoot an apatosaurus and while holding down my crosshairs vanished. I got a weird deflection that looked like 2 darts glancing off. Then for the next 4 shot every time the crosshairs narrowed they vanished entirely. Its impossible to shoot the bullseye when youre basically firing from the hip lol.
Dont know if this is known, so i figured I’d report it.


I have this issue sometimes too. Its as if when my finger slides just a bit the wrong way, the circle disappears.


I’ve had this issue a lot lately and even more since the recent update.


Hey everyone, thanks for reporting this to us. Contact our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and more information on this, including any screenshots you have so our team can take a closer look.