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Drone max dna per rarity?

I am always striving to get the most DNA per dino drone I can, with the introduction of hi scores that has made it a lot easier. The most I have ever darted on a common creature was 450. I get to 450 and the drone has roughly half a second to a second and a half left but for some reason it abruptly ends. Which gave me the idea that you are capped at the amount of DNA you can get. I kept darting dinos and eventually I came up with a plan that I will get all the direct hits I need, if time permits use one dart for a non direct hit (keeping me under 450) then last second getting a direct hit and getting over that threshold of 450. I was darting the mono gen 2 when I reached 435 with a second or so on the count down. Then I hit my last shot with a direct hit hoping that it would say 465. Except when the screen came up it showed 450. Then the screen glitched and reopened and read 450 again. Has anyone else tried to do this or ran into the same problem?

15 darts for VIP. It won’t let you shoot any more.

That’s what I thought. But I got to fifteen with 435 dna and a second left. I shot that last dart and got a direct hit. Which should’ve put me at 465. I’m curious why it is capped. Especially with the introduction of hi scores now.

I have shot multiple common and rare dinos with 16 darts. Your score is capped, not your darts (as far as I can tell). Your max score is 15 times the direct hit score, so 450 for common, 390 for rare, and 375 for epic. That’s why your score didn’t go up to 465.

As for the glitch in your last sentence, that happens to me every time I get a perfect score after the clock hits zero but right before the screen changes. It does not occur if I land a hit—direct or not—at the same time that does not result in a perfect score. Just another one of those “features,” I reckon.

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The breakdown makes sense. I’m just curious as to why they cap the dna you can earn if the drone is timed and will inevitably cut off at some point.