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Drone messed up!


My drone went all wacky at my only chance to get the indoraptor!! I’m so furious!!! I only got 8 DNA because the drone was acting like it was being shot down or something! Please fix this and make it right!!! It’s not fair in the slightest!!!


Mine did too. That sort of EMP-ish weirdness partway through, right?

I think that might’ve been on purpose. My phone has never done anything even remotely like that.


Exactly!! I have a friend whose drone didn’t mess up, but his game crashed after he received his DNA for it. I think Ludia should compensate for his or let us try again without that bug! Because it was also shooting darts everywhere and I wasn’t touching my phone. I was in shock. It’s never happened before. Later, I tried other dinosaurs and it was just fine.


The JWA Facebook page is loaded with people complaining about this very thing. I’m positive it was done on purpose. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but does the Indoraptor have some sort of biological EMP, like a step-up from the Indominus stealth?


Juat like on the movies when a smart raptor takes out the surveillance…thia was on purpose…u shouldnt be a to get 100 DNA on a unique dino…it was designed like this on purpose


Just happened to me…i was 30 dna short of my third shot for blue but it went crazy and wouldn’t let me fire


I don’t think Ludia even care how Indoraptor performed in the movie, all they are looking for is our money.:thinking:

So this glitch should be definitely a bug. And they are not able to fix it before Indoraptor and Blue released.


The same thing happened to me my drone spazzed out and I could only get 20 indoraptor dna


Yeah, my drone spazzed on me when I was trying to hit an epic trike today, and again later when I was trying to get DNA for a suchomimus. Wonder what’s been causing that.


i got this too… utterly unacceptable x.x


Yep me too, every once in a while. I thought updates would stop it but nope. It happened again today.


I almost responded to this saying where did I miss indoraptor! Than I saw June 25 :joy::joy:


Hey Bobbi_Elman, this could happen if you’re in an area where the connection or signal is being obstructed, try playing the game in an area with a good signal and see if that helps. The troubleshooting steps on this thread here might also be useful: Stuck on loaded screen of game?
If you’re still having issues, reach out to our support team at with your support key.


I was just sitting at home catching a nodo, all going well, when suddenly the drone jerked way off to one side just as the countdown started and I couldn’t get back to the dino in time. >.< So frustrating!