Drone Supply Drops for VIP

My bet is that the majority of people still playing this game have a drop outside their homes. The map below shows a couple of figurative groups of people. Ones with drops and every one else.

To be lucky enough to live under one of these and I would play for ever with the constant supply of darts and coins. This is heavenly for FTP people.

(Continued below)

It’s now getting down to the teen’s and once the ‘everyone else group’ runs out of darts, no more play. We’re not going out in the snow and cold. This includes VIP people. At the price of darts, :rofl::rofl::rofl: is all I have to say. The ability to reach more dino’s is useless when you don’t have darts.

If you had a supply drone that we could call for every 15 minutes as a VIP members benefit, I bet half the people who quit playing may still play and be paying customers and may even buy your in game currency.

Winter Suchotator is bringing on a ‘lethal wound’ of 0.33x bleed of players. What are you going to do to ‘cleanse’ this issue?