Drone targeting & Dinosaurs speed


I might be wrong but I feel like Ludia changed the speed of some dinosaurs and how they move while you collect DNA. I used to get like 70-90 DNA of T.Rex and now I can’t get even 50 and it’s one of the slowest dinosaurs in the game! It’s crazy that I can take like 180-240 DNA from Velociraptor and so little from T.Rex. It’s exactly how it used to be when I didn’t have VIP so I think I will just cancel my subscription.

I also don’t like the fact that they place the targeting point on their tails/heads, especially if they are larger dinosaurs because you lose most of the time moving up and down before you actually can shoot.

Ludia, can you make it easier for people to obtain a bit more DNA from epic and rare dinosaurs when we find them? It’s very frustrating now.


You may be onto something. I was just dismissing my dismal DNA darting lately as me being extra tired and unfocused because of work, but it does seem to be changed slightly. Guess we will just need to adapt.


Yeah, I also thought it was just me being tired but I keep getting really poor results and I used to be really good. Most of the time I was getting max DNA per single shot and now it’s more difficult. I just don’t like they do that to us… :confused: