Drone targeting speed change (more “faster” but twitch-y-er


Drone targeting speed has been (comparatively) increased.

Can’t please all the people all the time I guess?

Pros- Faster targeting cursor allows more shots…? When an epic turns or lunges ahead or the new target space on the Dino moves from tail to head you now have the speed to get the targeting cursor ahead to get another shot at the Dino.

Cons- however - after months of being used to the older (less twitch-y) speed, I find my self continuously missing full hits as I now get the cursor in target, but as I try to make the final adjustment before release based on dino speed and trajectory… that final cursor move makes
Me overshoot, or undershoot or miss completely.

For me, the cons outweigh the pros

Can an adjustment be made to be slightly less fast/ twitchy?

Can people adjust speed of targeting cursor individually?

any help / feedback would be appreciated!!!



Problem is I think they make it twitchy even more on the rarer dinosaurs just to make it more difficult. I’d certainly like to see the twitchyness scaled back a bit.


I thought i noticed a change there…they need to set it back, i was fonally able to get more than 50 dna on the rares…now i am back to getting 40 or less…lol forgot to add…


I am almost positive that is the idea to make it harder to get them.