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Drone type

Why do you only have 3 drone options settings

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why not? Just curious if this is like a “why so few?” or “why did we need 3, why not just 1?”


Yea I think he meant that or also he was wondering what purpose do all 3 settings

If that’s the case, there are 3 because each function differently and have their own “style”. Some people are better with one drone mode than others and this person may prefer this drone mode over that one etc. I myself prefer the veteran and can now barely control the other drones


I use veteran only because it works best against hard creatures to catch

Rookie is for newer players

Classic is for old players who played since beta and launch


We used to only have one drone mode.

I prefer veteran as it’s much easier.


I mostly think that thair should be

why 6? and how would they differ? I know of the first 3 but what about the others?

Or maybe just 4

Also why would we need 4. 3 is enough

Well if there’s only 4 the 4 th one
Should be calf easy

I still think there should be 3

I’m fine about 3

Might mean half easier

Stygionyx1 your right

Rookie is trash and I’m not sure why they put it in.
Classic seems natural to me… but I keep hearing how great Veteran is and I may try it eventually.
(No lie. Everyone seems to use it now)
Don’t mind the 3 drone settings myself, but a bright orange dot in the reticle would be great.
I can’t see the current tiny spec we have now without my reading glasses at the moment. (And it strains my eyes if I’m hunting hard)
Why we don’t have a choice of reticle is beyond me.

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As the name says, rookie drone is made for newer players so they can practice their skills and, with time, scalate to the veteran drone. It may be trash if you’re experienced, but it isn’t for new people.

i preferred classic for a long time. i changed to veteran trying to do that 10DH achievement. it’s very responsive and takes some getting used to if you’ve used classic all this time. but i love it now and don’t think i can go back.