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Drone upgrades

How would y’all feel about being able to acquire upgrades to the drones? Like the ability to fire multiple darts per shot with a max of 3 darts per shot.

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I think certain upgrades like increased range or battery life would be worthwhile additions to the store. Maybe even tranq darts which slow them down to allow easier targeting.

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You already kind of have tranquilizer if you hit the dino outside of the target.

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I can’t say I’ve ever experienced that. Do they slow down if you miss the target?

Yeah, down to a crawl if you miss more.

Interesting. Thank you for the info.

I think for instance if you shoot one dart when the battery deplet we should receive the dna instead of waste it

How about special darts that get you double DNA (but you need to buy them in limited number with Hard Cash)?

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When boosts was newly implemented, I created a tongue firmly in cheek list about other game possibilities (or impossibilities?) in future. Some of the ideas thrown around included homing darts, rapid fire darts and some other zany ideas lol.

Incidentally one of the post mentioned an idea similar to current Sanctuary about having buildings on map that allows player interaction to fuse dna, or something like that.

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I wanted to have Jurassic Park/World visitors. If you had Muldoon visiting you’d have a marksman advantage for a bit and the target on the dinosaur would be larger/easier to hit.

Dr. Wu would double your dna fusions for a bit.

Grant would extend the range that dinosaurs could be spotted. ie instead of you having to be practically on top of one for it to spawn it would spawn if it was within your outer range.

Hammond gives you a discount on purchases so that you can spend more.

Timmy runs around and collects all the supply drops within your range.

Some of the ideas were silly and some were somewhat serious.