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Drop "illusion" of PvP and allow Disconnected Battles to resume

So, as we all know, PvP in this game is not really live against another player. Normally, the result of this “illusion” of PvP is limited to newbies kicking themselves when they finally figure it out, and a few debates around whether or not the dino teams are random or if they come from real player choices.

However, there would be real benefits from Ludia abandoning the illusion of PvP and just treating PvP like PvE battles. The main one would be that if you lose connection in the middle of a battle, you would be able to resume the battle once you reconnect. This is currently possible with PvE battles, but not with PvP because Ludia is still trying to convince you that you were playing a real human who is now gone.

Knowing that I am playing against an AI does not detract anything from the game, while enabling PvP battles to resume would be a concrete and substantial improvement.



I approve of it! Ludia must DEFINITELY use the pause-resume feature for apparent PvP, having lost too many potential victories due to internet failure or so.

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I actually don’t mind the timer for your move, and the inability to pause during the battle. It’s one way to differentiate the PvP battles from PvE. Makes you think quickly and you cannot break out a calculator to do the math on damage multipliers. Need to do it quickly in your head, or go with your gut.

I would just like the ability to resume a PvP battle if I lose connectivity or the game glitches.

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Amen, brother - I was thinking the same thing!

I do not want to discourage you but I already made this proposal a couple of months ago. There never was any feedback from Ludia.
I totally agree but our chances are slim.