Drop in Wins


Has anyone else noticed that after the big update people have seemingly been losing more battles than previously? I used to be a steady 3400-3500 but now I’m on what seems like a “lose 5, win 1” with 3100-3200 medals. I also seem to run into at least one 5% critical hit every round from the opponent while my trex almost never hits a crit at any point in time. Not to mention, I have only seen my dimetrodon hit a +40% critical maybe four times in all it’s time on my team. Just a bad coincidence? Maybe — maybe not.


I’m not sure about that.

People have complained since the beginning of time about everything. Usual forum stuff.


Nope! Doesn’t seem like that to me!

Since last update, I have progressed steadily from Sorna Marshes lower 3200 to 4400s.


I’ve definitely had a drop in wins, but mainly due to the over the top constant stuns. Just tonight I got stunned 5 times in a row, absolutely ridiculous. How can you win a match when you get stunned 5 times in a row from the very start of the fight. Ridiculous.

However, I wouldn’t say it is anything since the big update, just that this is why I lose so much. I mean you can have the best of the best dinos, but if you get stunned 5 times in a row then those best of the best become useless.


Hmmm I was thinking the opposite. Since the update I have been getting way more rare & epics in the wild which has allowed me to level up many of my battle dinos. My average daily game time is between 12 to 14 hours since I use this game to waste time. I have been finding between 6 to 8 epics and countless rares. My battle ranking has gone from 586 to 116


I just got these dinos from the local mall parking lot while waiting on my wife.


Wow you are lucky!! I find an epic probably once or twice a week and 2-3 rares a day. I have loads of iguanodons, apatosauruses, and stegos, however I probably see one gen 1 triceratops every week and a half (but I have LOADS of gen 2). I just need that stegocertatops… (I said I was 3100-3200 in the orig post but I meant 2100-2200 whoops)


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I got to 5000 trophies a week or two ago and shortly after that i started losing a lot. I think people have just been changing what dinos they use and it changes the game. It comes in waves and then everyone figures out how to counter that and it changes again.