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Drop player at randomly place in the world for short time?


For example drop player for 1 hour in randomly park or some interestic place it can be unreal to collect there some DNA. It could help for people who wsnt to play and can not move.

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Sounds a lot like spoofing, which is against TOS so just don’t get caught. But hey, even you do get caught you can keep playing anyway…….


As someone who is disabled, this would be amazing! My only real opportunities to play this game are when I’m commuting either by public transit or with someone else driving. I can only manage short walks in my area, and there isn’t much around me that’s accessible. If there was some way to make this game more accessible to those of us who can’t go out and play, I’d be all for it!


Naked and alone, with dinosaurs?

Sounds like reality TV.

I’ll pass.